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Supercharging Efficiency at Tesla's Gigafactory with LILY Bearing


Customer Profile

Tesla is a globally recognized trailblazer in electric vehicle manufacturing and clean energy solutions. Central to its manufacturing capabilities is the Gigafactory, an ultra-modern production facility designed for high-volume, high-efficiency electric vehicle production.


The Challenge

With the surging global demand for electric vehicles, Tesla needed to ramp up production without compromising the precision and quality that its brand is known for. However, they faced challenges with machinery downtime and maintenance costs, which were largely attributed to bearing failures in their high-speed assembly lines and machining centers.


Solution and Approach

Understanding the demands of Tesla's advanced machinery, LILY Bearing proposed an array of bearing solutions designed to boost operational efficiency and reliability.

LILY Bearing engaged in a collaborative effort with the engineering team at Tesla to develop tailored bearing solutions tailored to fit the unique requirements of their machinery. This partnership not only resulted in an ideal match for Tesla's equipment but also yielded an improved performance and reliability.

At the outset, the engineers at LILY embarked on a custom-design journey, choosing to refine and adapt the existing RK6-16 model to better suit Tesla's specific needs. Utilizing proprietary materials and manufacturing processes, they made substantial enhancements to the slewing bearing's rotational accuracy and extended its operational lifespan, effectively elevating the efficiency and durability of the product.

In addition to this, a streamlined internal structure was crafted to ensure the bearing could endure strenuous loads. This strategic design optimization is testament to LILY's commitment to delivering solutions that not only meet but surpass client requirements, setting a precedent for future collaborative endeavors. It epitomizes their ability to innovate and adapt, producing superior quality, customized bearing solutions that cater to the specific demands of each project.



·   Reduced Downtime: With LILY Bearing's customized solutions, the downtime related to bearing failures was reduced by 50%.     

·   Increased Production Output: The improved efficiency of Tesla's assembly lines, due to the precision and reliability of LILY's bearings, led to a 20% increase in daily output.

·   Cost Savings: By extending machinery lifespan and reducing maintenance frequency, Tesla saved an estimated $1 million annually in maintenance costs.


Customer Feedback

A senior engineer at Tesla remarked, "LILY Bearing exceeded our expectations. Their understanding of our unique requirements and the precision and quality of their bearings have played a significant role in enhancing our operational efficiency. We've seen substantial reductions in downtime and impressive cost savings. LILY Bearing has indeed become an invaluable partner."



This case study showcases how LILY Bearing, with its industry expertise and commitment to bespoke solutions, can help businesses maximize operational efficiency. By leveraging LILY Bearing's solutions, companies like Tesla can continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in manufacturing.