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Dental Bearings

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What are Dental Bearings?

Dental bearings are a precision mechanical component used in dental instruments. Theyre specifically designed to cope with the high rotational speeds,

rigorous sterilization processes, and precise operation demands inherent in dental applications. They play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency, accuracy,

and reliability of dental procedures.


Features of Dental Bearings

Dental bearings boast several distinctive features:

  • High-Speed Rotation: often above 400,000 RPM
  • High Precision: to ensure accurate alignment during use
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction
  • Excellent Durability and Reliability


Classification of Dental Bearings

Dental bearings can be classified based on the following criteria.

1. Based on the Shape

  • Smooth dental bearings: Simple, seamless design offering straightforward assembly and reliable performance.
  • Flanged dental bearings: Characterized by a rim or 'flange' aiding in positioning and prevention of dislocation during operation.
  • Stepped dental bearings: Feature a 'stepped' structure to accommodate different component sizes, enhancing operational stability.
  • Unique dental bearings: Custom-designed bearings tailored to specific application requirements, featuring various modifications.

2. Based on the Seal Type

  • Open Dental Bearings: These are without seals, allowing for maximum lubricant capacity.
  • Shielded Dental Bearings: They come with either a single or double shield to prevent contamination.
  • Integral Shield Dental Bearings: These have one shield integrated into the bearing, offering a balance between protection and lubrication.

3. Based on the Speed

(1) High-speed dental bearings:

  • Ideal for utilization in high-speed turbine handpieces
  • Bearing composition: features a single, standard shield.
  • Materials of balls: stainless steel & ceramic
  • Bearing dimensions:




(2) Low-speed dental bearings:

  • Ideally suited for straight handpieces, contra-angle handpieces, micro motors, among other machinery
  • Operates at a standard rotational speed of 20,000-50,000 rpm
  • Boasts a high precision grade P5 (ABEC 5)

4. Based on the Structure

  • Radial Bearings: These are designed to support radial loads, or loads perpendicular to the shaft.
  • Angular Contact Ball Bearings: These are designed to support combined radial and axial (thrust) loads in one direction.

Why LILYs Dental Bearings?

LILY's dental bearings can provide the following advantages:

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